Two Officers Saved by Body Armor

Back in March there were two separate instances of officers lives being saved by body armor. Thanks to their quick thinking and proper ballistic packages both officers live to serve another day. It’s no surprise that utilizing ballistic protection has never been important for police and security personnel.

Incident in New York

After a domestic dispute went south in Brooklyn, officers responded to a call of shots fired in a second story apartment. The assailant, who was suffering from a mental breakdown, shot one officer in the chest and grazed another as they approached the scene from the hallway. Luckily the officer’s ballistic package performed admirably, barely feeling the impact, he was able to apprehend the shooter. Thankfully both officers were able to walk away from the situation without sustaining any major injuries.

Incident in Sacramento

Another altercation took place this time in the Golden State’s capitol. Officers were on patrol after a report of shots being fired somewhere around the 5900 block of Tangerine Ave. An officer who was in his squad car was approached by a man who immediately fired a shot striking the officer in the abdomen. After quickly realizing his vest had done it’s job, the officer sprang into action firing a wounding shot that subdued the gunman. Fortunately his life was saved because he was equipped with a quality ballistic package.

Importance of Armor

While both situations are unique, the bottom line is that two heroes are still alive thanks to reliable armor. Outfitting yourself with high quality American Made body armor can save your life!

Are you an officer or security guard in need of ballistic protection? Contact us today and we’ll find the best armor option for you!