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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Body Armor Plus dealer?

Retailers of any size. We support stores in many different industries including gun shops, gun ranges, sporting and hunting stores, apparel retailers, security companies and more. 

What is the process for me to sell body armor?

Complete the online Dealer Application Form and our team will review it within 24 hours and contact you to discuss further.

Is selling body armor profitable?

YES! You can earn over $100 per vest and more on other items.

How much do I have to invest to become a dealer?

We request each new dealer to purchase our starter kit for $1,000 that consists of:

- Authorized Dealer Store Sign

- Authorized Dealer Window Decal

- 1 All American Carrier and a Tabletop Mannequin

- 1 All Star Tactical Carrier and a Tabletop Mannequin

- 1 VIP T-Shirt Carrier and a Tabletop Mannequin

- 1 Light, Lighter and Lightest armor swatches

What are the annual requirements to be a dealer?

We request you purchase a minimum of $5,000 annually with us. Failure to meet this target may result in your remove from access to our dealer portal.

How do I buy?

You purchase online via our dealer portal or you send a PO to us via email.

How long until you ship an order I place?

In stock orders ship the same day. Orders we manufacture may take up to 4-6 weeks.

Do I have to pay at the time of ordering?


Do you offer training?

Yes! We offer online training to teach you how to sell all our products.

Will you work with me on custom bids?

Yes we will review all opportunities and partner with you if it makes sense.

Is there an annual meeting for all dealers?

Yes! Body Armor Direct University will be held at the 2022 Shot SHOW in January of 2022.

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