Care & Use


Only the manufacturer is exclusively authorized to make repairs and alterations to their vests and other equipment. Manufacturer will consider this warranty null and void if any alterations and/or repairs of any kind are made to the vest, or to any portion of the vest, by any person or entity other than the Manufacturer.

Nylon/permanent style vest

Rinsing your vest with water and washing with mild soaps will not damage your vest. Never submerge your vest underwater - rinse your vest off afer any extended use. In addition to preventing the buildup of odor and other body residues, frequent rinsing will make wearing your vest more pleasant. You can rinse your vest in a conventional sink or shower; use a small amount of mild soap and hand scrub the body side of the vest and elastic straps about every fifh rinse. Always rinse soap off thoroughly and towel dry vest immediately after rinsing. Refer to care instructions on vest.

Cleaning a removable cover

Important: Remove ballistic panels and trauma plates/packs from cover and clean them separately. Follow the cleaning instructions on the panel labels. • Close all fasteners. • Machine wash gentle in warm water. • Tumble dry on low. • Return panels to their proper places.


When not in use, store your vest flat, and in a cool dry place