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VIP T-Shirt Concealable Multi-Threat
Lightest IIIA+
We manufacture and ship in 2-4 weeks

 VIP Soft Armor Concealable t-Shirt

Installing and wearing your VIP Concealable Armor is easy:

  • Lift the Lycra material to expose the zippered armor pouch

  • Unzip the pouch and insert the soft armor panels in the appropriate front or rear pouch, making sure the label faces TOWARD the inside of the vest, on the body-side of the vest

  • Ensure the Velcro tabs on the armor panels mate with the Velcro on the inside of the pouch

  • Zip up the pouch to secure the armor in the vest

  • Ensuring the elastic cummerbund strap is NOT connecting the front and rear panels, put the VIP Carrier on like a normal t-shirt

  • Once it’s on and positioned correctly, secure the cummerbund to wrap the front panel “wings” over the rear panel, and attach to the Velcro on the back pouch area

  • Pull the t-shirt down over the front and rear pouch to conceal it

  • Put on an outer garment such as a dress shirt, jacket, or similar to ensure the vest remains “deep cover"

Light IIIA 

Light is most popular among citizens looking for Level IIIA protection that is relatively lightweight yet affordable. Level IIIA bullets include the .38 Special, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 9MM, .357 Magnum plus slash and strike protection.

Lighter IIIA & IIIA+ Special Threat Protection

Lighter falls between these two, costing less than the Lightest, but weighing more than the Light. IIIA ballistic profile plus 2 grain RCC V50: 3013 fps, 4 grain RCC V50: 2545 fps, 16 grain RCC V50: 2225 fps, 17 grain FSP V50: 2077 fps, .44 Mag V50: 1615 fps, .357 Sig V50: 1735 fps, FN SS197 40 grain V0, Win SXT 9mm +P+ V0, 7.62x25 Tokarev 85 grain V0, .357 SIG Win SXT 125 grain V0, Speer GD .357 Mag V0.

Lightest IIIA & IIIA+ Special Threat Protection

Lightest is popular among LE, security, and other professionals looking for the lightest, thinnest, most concealable, and most flexible IIIA+ protection we offer, but it costs more. IIIA ballistic profile plus .357 SIG V50: 1887 fps, 9mm 124gr GDHP V0: 6-shot Passed, .44 MAG V50: 1696 fps, 9mm Ranger-T V0: 6-shot Passed, 2 gr RCC V50: 2927 fps, .40 cal Ranger-T V0: 6-shot Passed, 4 gr RCC V50: 2508 fps, FN SS197SR V0: 6-shot Passed, 16 gr RCC V50: 2245 fps, FN SS195LF V0: 6-shot Passed, 64 gr RCC V50: 1761 fps, .44 MAG Hydra-Shok V0: 6-shot Passed, 17 gr FSP V50: 2083 fps, 12 gauge 1 oz Slug V0: 6-shot Passed, 9mm 124gr V50: 1698 fps, 7.62x25, 85gr, Tokarev V0: 6-shot Passed, Abbreviated FBI Protocol: Passed 4 Panel Sequence.


Weight in Lbs.





Sq. Inches of Ballistics











































0.35 inch


0.25 inch


0.21 inch

System includes:

1 Qty.

- VIP T-Shirt Carrier in black or white

1 Qty.

- NIJ Certified soft armor as selected

American Made

Our armor is made and assembled in the United States and is tested and certified under National Institute of Justice standards, the gold-standard for National Body Armor ratings here in the U.S.

Our “Best Fit” Guarantee

Free Replacement

If you’re ever in an incident where your armor was used to save your life, we’ll replace it with new or equivalent armor. Simply send us a copy of the police report and a request for new armor, and we’ll contact you to make the arrangements.


  • 2 Year limited warranty on the carrier

  • 5 year limited warranty on the soft armor

  • 10 year limited warranty on hard armor


We offer standard USPS shipping with tracking and upgraded UPS ground shipping with tracking.

Order Terms and Restrictions

  • National Body Armor is legal to buy and own by anyone over 18 and who is not a convicted felon.

  • Due to State regulations for New York and Connecticut, you must be a member of an eligible profession to purchase National Body Armor. We cannot facilitate purchases to regular citizens in these states and we must have copies of your qualifying ID. Please contact for more information or to send a copy of your ID.


 Stomach Circumference (Inches)
Small26.5" - 31"
Medium31.5" - 37"
Large37.5" - 40"
XL40.5" - 44"
2XL44.5" - 47"
3XL47.5" - 53"
4XL53.5" - 58"
5XL58.5" - 62"


We offer both Shop Pay and Paypal Credit to make sure you have the resources to stay safe. No credit checks, no social security numbers, this does not go on your credit report


National Body Armor warrants nylon covers against any defects in workmanship or materials for twenty-four (24) months after the date of purchase.

We offer a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our ballistic products and 2 years on the carrier.

National Body Armor warrants that for a period of (5) years from the date of purchase, the panels will conform to the minimum requirements of the NIJ protocol for ballistic intervention during an actual confrontation at the stated threat level (if your ballistic panels are not labeled in compliance with NIJ requirements, then this warranty does not apply to your panels).

This warranty is subject to, and expressly conditioned upon, strict compliance with the following conditions: 

  • The panel must not be torn, damaged, or altered in any way. 

  • The panel must not be subjected to abuse or misuse during service. 

  • The panel may only be used or placed in a cover or carrier it is designed or intended for. 

  • The panel must not be permitted to be excessively wet. 

  • The panel must not be subjected to excessive heat. 

  • The panel must be properly stored (i.e., not in excessively hot or damp conditions).

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Justin Shields
Good stuff

Great products that are hard to find. Pretty cool?

Waldemar Kaczynski

Customer service is exemplary, I made a mistake on my order and quickly called it in. The person that assisted me was caring and I believe knew what customer satisfaction is all about. My issue was taken care of and the delivery made it on time. Actually earlier than expected. Great products I just hope I never have to use them.

Vaughn B
Concealable Shirt

As advertised. It will take a second to get used to but very comfortable and able to conceal carry with no discomfort. Worth the purchase and planning to get a second.

Michael Vick
Incredibly comfortable!

Incredibly comfortable! For years I wore a Safari land vest that I was very happy with. I retired and did away with all of that and then was rehired and decided I needed the best I could get to wear plain clothes. This is phenomenal! Incredibly comfortable!

Dan L.
Excellent for my civilian work life.

I work in the ER. Our security guards are awesome! However, they are under equipped. We have a metal detector in the lobby, but the ER is very vulnerable to multiple entry possibilities. The security is unarmed.
After the string of active shooters this year, one of which, included a hospital I decided to order the VIP concealable Tshirt armor. We also had one patient family member show up in our ambulance bay with a handgun. She had it in her pocket and threatened to pull it out. I could see it printing in her jeans. I walked away while security dearth with the situation. Thankfully she did. It pull out the weapon and left peacefully.

All the Bai Fe convinced me that I had to be proactive and get the concealable Tshirt.

The initial carrier’s zipper broke when I removed the armor to clean it after my first week of using it. National Body Armor immediately replaced it free of charge. The service has been excellent.

The T-shirt armor fits underneath my scrub top easily. No one has noticed that I wear it. Occasionally someone pats me on the back and notices I have something on me, but I tell them that I am wearing a back brace, and they don’t think much of it.

I feel very comfortable having some peach of mind. It is not a panacea. It will not stop rifle rounds, but i it will protect me from practically all handgun rounds.

It took me an adjustment to use the armor because of the sweat buildup that occurs with all armor. After reading different forums I wear under armor t shirt that wicks away the sweat. It makes the armor soooo much more comfortable, and I add a dash of baby powder as well to prevent itchiness.

I got a free rifle plate carrier with this product. I am thinking of purchasing the lighted plates and then putting them in my office next to my workstation. The idea would be to throw on this rifle plate armor it an active shooter does enter our ER, and I happen to be in the office.

Thank you to National Body Armor for the VIP Tshirt.

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