Body Armor in the Workplace

Protection In The Workplace 

In today’s world you never know when you will need to protect yourself. Being protected in the workplace is more important than ever and we are seeing more and more companies investing in body armor products. If you’ve been thinking about your safety at work or the safety of your co-workers here are some helpful tips and suggestions. 


Protocol and Training

We suggest having routine meetings on safety and protocol. Your staff should know how to quickly and effectively equip themselves in emergency situations. Employee preparedness  is an important part of having a safe environment in the workplace. You want to have ballistic protection options that are easily accessible in an emergency. Let’s look at some of the best options for armor in the workplace.


Your Best Options 

The Active Shooter Defense Kit is a popular choice for employers with a large staff working at government or public buildings where a threat is more likely to happen. This Plate Carrier has an easily adjustable one size fits all strapping system that can be simply equipped to fit any individual. Front and back 10”x12” plate pockets can be outfitted with steel or polyethylene plates to offer NIJ certified III+ protection. Distribute these carriers to individual employees to keep in a desk drawer or keep multiple kits in an office armory for situational accessibility. 


For individuals we recommend The VIP Concealable T-Shirt Multi-Threat Vest. It’s a great option if you want non-obstructive armor, perfect for wearing all day in the workplace. Our T-Shirt Carrier holds two Level IIIA+ NIJ-certified soft armor inserts to keep you covered from handgun threats. Superior comfort and ballistic protection make this some of the most advanced concealable armor on the market. Ultra lightweight design, stretch compression material, and maximum concealment makes this vest extremely popular with employees in  corporate offices and banks. 


Having readily accessible, easy to use, and comfortable body armor is important to have for your employees and co-workers to feel safe. Regular safety and protocol meetings ensure that everyone is comfortable with their protection. Equipping your staff with top quality armor is a great way to foster a safe and productive work environment.