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outstanding product, very light compared to my past duty vests. I really like the fit. i wear a large t - shirt. the large carrier fit perfect. great quality. David at customer support was outstanding, very friendly knowledgeable in his product. shipping was the fastest i ever experienced. yes I would recommend NATIONAL BODYARMOR . THANKS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. YES A FIVE STAR.

All Star Tactical Multi-Threat Vest

Shipping was fast. Great fit. Good quality.


Fit was good. Very comfortable. I would recommend this product.


It fits great. It was here before I new it

Very nice

The garment quality is amazing. Very nice workmanship. The fit was perfect for me. As far as the plating, I hope I never have to write a review of how they work!! Again, the quality is there. Only drawback is that I was hoping they would be just an inch or two longer. All in all, a five star purchase!

Level III+ Steel Plate
Victor Berry
GREAT FIT for my Vest

Love it definitely can’t wait to got through the inventory and get more stuff.. thanks guys and girls…

Express shirt is great

First, the bottom section below the plate carrier can be rolled up or cut off if you want. I have a small with a 30” waist and slim but not jacked torso and it fit nicely. There are other carriers like this that have short sleeves and I prefer this sleeveless design for layering a jacket for concealment and your shoulder width won’t matter with no sleeves. It also does -not- print in the back just below the neck which I found is the problem with other concealed super light carriers that look like vests, not spandex shirts that conform to your shape. Not that hot even in black.

Retired Federal

Good fit and reasonably comfortable

Bullet Eater

Feels good knowing your good protection on

Shirt carrier

I’m a big guy and thought it would not fit. The material is super stretchy and fits snugly. But it is very comfortable and fit my armor plate with ease. Places the plate right where you want it. The straps are hard to set up by myself but once setup it’s easy to use. I thought it might be too hot but was super cool. I highly recommend.

Stay safe👁

👍🏽Fast delivery perfect fit have to allow it to take Shape of my body Will be purchasing another one soon thank you and appreciate you stay safe👁

Coyote Concealable Multi-Threat Vest
Robert Thompson

The vest is very comfortable to wear

Tactical Backpack
Steven Odgis
Outstanding Quality

I received the backpack today it's so well-made I've had a lot of backpacks but this is really a great product a lot of pockets crate handle really comfortable straps on the back with padding.


Fits well !

Coyote Concealable Multi-Threat Vest
Larry Roeder
Very good product

I purchased this vest on 5/3/2022. Once I received it I inspected it. It is very well made the fit is perfect. The stopping power of the armor is unknown but I hope to never find out how well it works. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for personal protection due to the way our country is going.

It’s my second concealable t-shirt...

.... which is the best review of all. It’s comfortable, hidden and easy to put on and take off. Perhaps the best everyday body armor option there is.

FREE Tactical Flashlight 150 Lumens
Great small but powerful flashlight

Very convenient with a lot of power.

Level III+ Lightweight Poly Plate
Great product

Level III+ is so light (3.2 lbs each) vs more than 4 lbs for others. Every ounce counts. I did not change it in action and I hope I will never have to but it feels solid

Comfortable fit & easy to wear

Fits under my shirt easily and does not stop movement of my torso.

Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA

Great fit.

Express T-Shirt

Great fit. Hardly know your wearing it & it is so light.

Richard Sadler
Great pouches

Sizing is spot on , molly straps fit perfectly to my carrier and pak . Seem all the things I need it to do , and conveniently. Might get a few more Great product

Good product

So far good fit and not too heavy. I drive into Chicago weekly and this gives both my husband and myself enough peace of mind that we aren’t worrying when I am at work.

Great product.

I like the way it fits. It's comfortable all day long even while driving.

Stainless Steel Bullet Shape Thermos Bottle
Keith Gronseth
Great gifts too my parents

My parents are gun enthoiests and I think they love them! I have heard a bad word from them so ur good to go man! Great gifts I feel!