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Awesome Body Armor!

Fits great to size and super lightweight!

Nice and comfortable

The lightest multi-threat Express T-shirt with the soft armor is much lighter than I expected and is very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Awesome vest carrier

Thank you for the vest carrier, it’s exactly what I needed and it’s working out great!

A very good deal!

Purchased for “just in case” and got a very good two for one deal! Excellent turn around time from order to receiving. The “shirt” is lightweight and not uncomfortable. Will order more!

Waldemar Kaczynski

Love em even more hearing they were originally $119.00. Kidding aside they fit well and are comfortable.


I like the lightweight comforter and feel of this product. I'm sure this vest will give me the protection I need.

Express T-shirt multi threat with soft armor

This is the most comfortable and lite T-shirt with armor insert you will find. Its very flexible and easy to forget you're wearing it. Much better than others I own, again the weight or lack of is a huge selling point for me and after extensive searching National Body Armor came out on top, you wont be disappointed.

Body armor.

These units are exactly as advertised, comfortable and easy care, I bought two black and would buy white next.

Ultimate Soft Armor!!!

This is an amazing set up that is super light weight and takes a beating. Checkout our full review where we test multiple defense rounds!!!!
Safety Steve's 2a Academy!!!!!


Fits great, feels good, comfortable….I pray I never have to need it.

Bob Cripe
Make Great gift

I require prescription glasses, gave to my son, he loves them.

For the grandson

Even though the risk of a school incident is extremely miniscule, thought I would get this for my grandson. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.
Also got one for my wife and daughter to use when they are using a backpack.

Shirt Carrier (Used/Clearance)

I ordered 2 of these used and I can’t tell that they are used. I ordered one white and one black, both for perfectly. I’m in between a size med-large and got the Medium size and I’m very satisfied with the way they fit. I took my soft armor inserts out of my old carrier and put them in the shirts and there was a huge difference in concealment…fam couldn’t tell I was wearing it. There are cut outs at the bottom corners of the insert holder for the wrap around which allowed my inserts to fit perfectly. There is also Velcro inside the inset holder to help keep the inserts in place. You will need to practice getting the back panel to fit flushed after putting it on for the first few times. The material does not feel “sticky” at all. Living in a tropical environment, that’s really important to me for comfort.

Very nice shirt

It's a very good shirt but a little to big for me. I'll have to order a medium next time.

Great product

Great fit for me very concealable

quick service

This is my first, fits nice and unnoticeable under a suit.

Express T-Shirt Carrier
R McCurry and 5+ stars
Great Purchase

Order two vests, one for my wife and one for me. Hers needed to be exchanged for one size larger. NBA offered to change it. I decided to keep it and order a medium and keep the small as a secondary. The medium was a better fit. Mine, XL, fits great. Love the product and the customer service. thank you for everything.

Great Fit

Hard to believe that this can offer the same protection as what I wore in the past! Comfortable and discrete. I do wish you had these in 'Tall' sizes. XL fit my 6'4" frame ( short'ish ) Small, Fit her 5'3" frame. Everything is as advertised!

Best concealable body armor ever

This works great. Most people don’t even realize I’m wearing it.

A great vest for great peace of mind!

From being in law enforcement for some years and wearing the bulky vest! This one is a dream to wear! Light weight and very concealable. With times as they are now, I wear my vest every time I go out of the house with my weapon! People are being shot in Wal-Mart, restaurants, gas stations and many others!!! It is a great peace of mind for me to be wearing it out in town with my wife.


Fits well. Good quality

This is the best product on the market fits excellent
Good material we love it.

Great Purchase. Outstanding Price.

This is a great product. It fits well. Its light. Surprisingly light. Wears well under a variety of garment. I purchased with an excellent promotion which made the value even more outstanding.

T shirt body armor

Tried it on and it fits well. Going to try and wear one all day and see if I can do my everyday tasks. Like that ot is super lightweight.

Well-made carrier

The carrier is well made and the fit is good