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Excellent quality

Exceeded expectations


The larger size was a perfect fit in my pack,the other will be used in the back of my one jacket. BOGO is a great deal.

Awsome purchase

light weight, comfortable, love the protection

All American Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Coyote Clearance
Steve Dorsch
multi-threat vest

Fits well is light weight and seems to have good coverage. I hope I never have need of its stopping power in a real situation.

Colin Pixley
Great fit

Great sun glasses! They fit under all my caps. Best work glasses I have.

All American Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Coyote Clearance
Colin Pixley
Great fit

It is nicely made and slipped right now. I'm super pleased!

Worth the money

I love the vest. It fist nice, light and snugged. I'm a plus size guy and it's very low profile under my uniform. Absolutely love it.

More better than expected!

Very thin and comfortable. I was expecting something thicker and harder to conceal. This soft armor has protection for front and back and would be easily concealable under a sweatshirt. You may even be able to conceal it under a little bit looser t-shirt. I am pleasantly surprised.

Great Product and Great Service

We received the plates for our Emergency Response Team and they appear to be great quality. They are light weight in comparison to many others of the same protection rating. The service we received has also been great. Helpful and fast with a great product.

Level III+ Steel Plate
Got my carrier & plates lll+

I believe I got great gear for a reasonable price and believe it will take care of me, set up my carrier and may switch some things around but happy hopefully I won’t ever need to find out if their reliable

Fox + Hound Vest Spray - Clearance
Steven Allen
Vest spray

Smells good!! Great product.

Basic Plate Carrier - Clearance
Bruce Kline
Body armor carrier

Great quality and great fit for the price!

Basic Plate Carrier - Clearance

Simple plate carrier at great price. Makes is easy to have some extra one for

Great product

The Express T-shirt fits great. Very comfortable and light weight. Great to wear all day.

Love them

Fit well and look great

All Star Tactical Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Multi-Cam Clearance
Geoffrey Holliday
Soft Armor Review

Everything came as ordered and good quality. Fit was good and seems well placed. Anxious to never be shot with it or without it.

All American Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Coyote Clearance
The Absolute Best!!!

No words to describe the quality, fit, and comfort that this vest offers. I have had many vests over time and literally NONE can hold a candle to this product. Descriptions are accurate and customer service unparalleled. Send friends and associates there and you won't be disappointed. Great experience overall!

All American Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Coyote Clearance
Bam Bam
great concealable vest

I love this thing! light weight, fits very well. the wrap around sides need some time to break in and bend fully around but its a great deal for a great vest. Very comfortable!

Good Fit

Made of sturdy black nylon, it holds one pair of cuffs in separated compartments, so no clattering noises. No separate place for keys. Molle straps on the rear for belt or vest attachment. Very good value.

All American Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Coyote Clearance
Very Good Fit

Vest arrived timely and appears to be well made. The free trauma pads came already inserted in the armor pockets. The fit is snug and comfortable without being binding, optimal for good concealment. Vest is listed by make and model in the NIJ Armor Standards database, so its claimed protection level has been validated. A great value!


Great fit good look

Plate Carrier Bag - Clearance
robert way
Great bag

Now my plates won’t be sliding around in the back of my car

Great fit

Great fit , good look and function.

Great Price for a bundle package

I purchased the mid level FREEDOM CONCEALABLE VEST, ALL STAR TACTICAL CARRIER AND VIP T-SHIRT CARRIER. The fit is excellent and very comfortable for both canceled and tactical applications.