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Multi-Threat Concealable Vest

Introducing our Freedom Government Certified Concealable Bullet Resistant Vest Level IIIA that stops all common handgun rounds including .357, 9mm, 45acp all the way up to 44 magnum following the National Institute of Justice accreditation standard 0101.06. Fragmentation special threat performance. Protection from a knife slash. Featuring our lightest and thinnest Certified Level IIIA ballistics.

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Why National Body Armor?

NIJ Government Certified

To guarantee your protection, our products are tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice, the leading research and development agency from the U.S. Department of Justice.


Body Armor Direct is an American owned and operated company. All of our armor is made right here in the USA.

Advanced Warranty

We stand behind our products with a five year warranty on all ballistic soft armor insert plates matched by a two year warranty on outside carriers.

Fit Guarantee

If your insert does not fit properly simply send it back and we'll exchange it within 10 days.

Financing Available

We offer easy payment plans through Shop Pay to make our body armor more affordable. No credit checks or social security numbers necessary, this does not go on your credit report.

Less Wait Times

All of our in stock armor ships to you in 2-5 days to ensure you're protected when you need it most.