At National Body Armor we specialize in selling body armor that has been certified by the National Institute of Justice. Our customers are law enforcement, first responders, federal agencies, security officers, military personnel, and the general public.

Our mission is to save lives. Our vision is to sell the highest quality products at affordable prices without compromising our commitment to service. All items are available for export with the proper license. We have a dealer network offering for resellers, distributors and retailers.

Service is paramount at National Body Armor. We understand our customers and are available via email and phone for sales and support. Every order comes with a fit guarantee and a standard two year warranty on carriers and five years on armor. Manufacturing in the USA allows us to manage the quality of product you receive and more importantly so you can have confidence in a time of need the ballistics will perform. Every order we receive helps support American jobs.

National Body Armor is an American owned and operated business that was founded by Dave Goldberg, a former executive of the nation’s largest body armor manufacturer.