Vegas Casino to Equip Staff with Body Armor

In March, 2021 a veteran security guard was killed while performing a simple wellness check. After the incident occurred on the grounds of Wynn Las Vegas, the Casino has said it will provide all security officers with Body Armor moving forward.

The Incident

On March 10th 31 y/o Marine Veteran Yoseph Almonte was tragically shot and killed by Reggie Tagget, a disgruntled employee of Wynn Las Vegas, who subsequently shot himself. While the motive remains unclear, what is clear is that Wynn Las Vegas has seen first hand the consequences of unarmored security personnel.

A Call For Action

The widow of the deceased security guard, Marjorie Almonte, has stated that she feels ballistic protection could have saved her husbands life. Further stating that her husband had been seeking employer supplied body armor for more than three years. Mrs Almonte went on to say “The Wynn had neglected them because they say it did not look good for guests” and that they felt the hotel guests and casino patrons would be “intimidated” by armored personnel.

Constant Vigilance

This was an isolated incident but events like the 2017 Mandalay Bay massacre increase the need for armored security. Thankfully Wynn Las Vegas has made the decision to invest in the safety of their employees and clientele by providing ballistic protection to their security staff.

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