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GrowFL Names Body Armor Direct as an Honoree
Body Armor Direct is named as an Honoree by GrowFL. We are on the path to greatness!
President Biden's Proposed Gun Reform
Let's take a look at where the President currently stands on gun control.
Two Officers Saved by Body Armor
Reliable armor saved the lives of two officers in separate incidents this past March.
Vegas Casino to Equip Staff with Body Armor
In March a veteran security guard was killed while performing a simple wellness check. After the incident occurred on the grounds of Wynn Las Vegas, the Casino has said it will provide all security officers with Body Armor moving forward. 
Body Armor for Professionals

Whether you’re a police officer, active military, security personnel or in any other high risk profession that requires the use of body armor, we have the armor options to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular protective options to help you decide which armor is the best choice for you.

Body Armor for Civilians
In today’s world it’s more important than ever for the average civilian to be protected. We are seeing an increased amount of people implementing body armor options for personal use. With more civilians purchasing body armor products to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them it’s important to know the in’s and out’s of basic ballistic protection. Let’s look at some top armor options for civilians.
Traveling with Body Armor

If you own or wear body armor regularly, it’s important to know the legalities and restrictions of traveling with your gear. While some airlines and countries have different policies, traveling with body armor isn’t as difficult or expensive as some may think as long as you’re prepared. Here we’ll offer some helpful tips to make your travel experience go as safely and smoothly as possible with your body armor.

House Passes Bills Expanding Background Checks for Gun Sales
The U.S. House of Representatives passed 2 bills earlier this month that would tighten firearm sales regulations and expand background checks on gun purchases. This marks the first significant movement on gun control since Democrats took control of both chambers of Congress and the White House. The two bills - H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446 - could mark the beginning of an overhaul of how firearms are bought and sold in the United States. Let’s break down what each of these bills mean. 
Body Armor in the Workplace
In today’s world you never know when you will need to protect yourself. Being protected in the workplace is more important than ever and we are seeing more and more companies investing in body armor products. If you’ve been thinking about your safety at work or the safety of your co-workers here are some helpful tips and suggestions. 
New York Proposes Ban on Body Armor with Bill A. 352

You may have heard about the new bill A.352 being proposed to prohibit the ownership of body armor and protective gear in the state of New York. As a valued customer of Body Armor Direct, we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds and clear up any questions you may have in regards to how it affects you.

Information on Lead Times
Body Armor Direct is one of the last American owned body armor factories that ship US Government Certified armor direct to the public sold online.  In March of 2020 the pandemic  ramped up in the US followed by civil unrest...
Ballistics Chart
As of September 2020 we have posted a new ballistics chart. The National Institute of Justice governs the ratings for Level II, Level IIIA and Level IV. Body Armor manufacturers have developed a rating called IIIA+ that is shown in...
New Video Series
Body Armor Direct Founder & CEO Dave Goldberg started a new series of videos on our Facebook page reviewing our products. You can find the new videos at
Body Armor Direct Visits Connected Warriors
Body Armor Direct Founder & CEO Dave Goldberg visited a 501(c)3 charitable organization in Boca Raton Florida on July 17th 2020 to present a donation to support their mission To elevate the warriors in our community by engaging them in a...
New Corporate Office
Effective July 1st 2020 the Body Armor Direct team will be moving into a new Corporate Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. The showroom will be by appointment only. Customer service hours will remain 8am to 8pm EST 7 days a...
New Condor Partnership
Body Armor Direct is pleased to announce our new partnership with Condor Outdoor Products. We are now selling the most popular items from Condor with our soft and hard body armor inserts.
New Website Launched!
The Body Armor Direct team is proud to announce the launch of our new online store. The new online store allows customers to browse our products and purchase quicker. We also added more content.
Financing For EVERYONE!
At Body Armor Direct we have partnered with Quadpay. You simply add items to your cart and select Quadpay as your payment option. You provide your name, address, email and mobile phone number and they make a credit decision. We...
New Sizing Chart for our Concealable, Tactical & T-Shirt Armor
We listened to your requests and developed a more detailed sizing chart for our concealable, tactical and t-shirt armor. This chart carefully details the measurements of all our panels. In fact, we do not have returns from customers who verify...
COVID-19 Impact On Our Shipping Time
Body Armor Direct is an essential business and continues to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic. The only impact to our business is the time to manufacture soft armor vests is taking longer and we now ship all orders within 30...
What Is a Soft Armor Insert? What Is a Plate?
Wearing a tactical vest is one thing. But it’s important to understand not only that your body armor is protecting you, but just how it is protecting you. This will ensure that you are purchasing the right armor for your...