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VIP T-Shirt Concealable Carrier


ShipAid is awesome, thank you

Soft Armor Inserts
Brady Wooley
Great product

Perfect fit for me, very comfortable I love it

Summertime Protection

Great for them hot days of the summer without sacrificing ballistic protection…..

VIP T-Shirt Concealable Carrier
Christopher Bytheway
VIP Shirt

Great fit and fits the inserts like a glove. I am 6'3", 240 lbs and ordered the XL. Perfect!

Soft armor review

Fits good, can hardly be detected while wearing under a shirt. Overall well pleased with product.

Great product

Fits well, not uncomfortable.

Great and very comfortable

This product is easy to wear and fits great

Sky Med

I have level 3 and 4 body armor this product hide the out line and makes the wearing this type of protection a breeze.

Good concealable vest

The price was good the best is perfect thank you to the guy who called me back on my order honestly 💯


i am a larger size dude, needed a 4 xl, and this shirt fits like a glove!!! extremely satisfied!!

Good stuff

Great products that are hard to find. Pretty cool?

Great sale BOGO

I have wore kelvar for years but moving into supervision I needed something I could wear under my polo. This works great and is much lighter and way less bulky. Being able but a set and put another officer into a set was a vt Christmas present for us both

Awesome customer service

I first ordered the VIP T-Shirt in a 3XL, it was a little short. I was able to return it and since they were out of those in a longer version, I ordered the Express T-Shirt in a 3XL, it was a little big. So instead of returning it, I was able to contact a salesman Chris, ordered a 2XL with the smaller armor insert. He was able to give me a deal on the new shirt and the front insert! I am VERY pleased with the product, the fit, and how it feels, and especially the customer service. I appreciate this company and their attention to the customer. I would definitely recommend them and their quality products.

Trauma pads

Fit carrier great, have not been shot yet, so haven't been tested for that. Seem padded well enough to mitigate the shock.

Good quality

The size is correct for my weight and quality is good

Express T-Shirt

Fits perfect. Very comfortable. Fast shipping and great customer service.

They are very comfortable and light. Exactly what I needed.

Good stuff

Rather easy to put on, not like a regular T shirt, but easy enough. This grade of protection is good for the wife and myself for "house hold" protection. Will stop most used handguns.
If you plan on "out in the open" or more tactical use where rifles will be used, go the next level up or more.
Good stuff.


This body armor is exactly what it should and what it says to be. Perfect fit and function, concilability and sense of security. John Snaidauf. Badge #24359


Fits good watched a test video it took a beating and stopped all the bullets I'm ordering a light weight trauma pads for extra protection

Cool design

Came exactly as described, and in a timely manner

A Good experience

This is relatively light weight and comfortable to wear. Very good experience with their people answering questions.

Highly recommend!

I’ve had quite a few carriers in my career in LE. I was getting tired of spending $200+ on vest carrier/covers at the uniform store for my soft body armor. For the price, this is an ABSOLUTE steal. Most coppers are “frugal” so spending $50 is almost like getting something for “$ free-99”. Quality seems to be pretty durable. The only flaw so far the side straps. Elastic bands stretch over time, as everyone already knows. The belly band and the elastic velcro fastening straps are stitched in the back which eventually it’ll be too loose and would have to get custom stitching for new bands. Other than that, no other foreseeable issues. But, for the price DEFINITELY worth it.