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Tactical Backpack
Steven Odgis
Outstanding Quality

I received the backpack today it's so well-made I've had a lot of backpacks but this is really a great product a lot of pockets crate handle really comfortable straps on the back with padding.


Fits well !

Very good product

I purchased this vest on 5/3/2022. Once I received it I inspected it. It is very well made the fit is perfect. The stopping power of the armor is unknown but I hope to never find out how well it works. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for personal protection due to the way our country is going.

It’s my second concealable t-shirt...

.... which is the best review of all. It’s comfortable, hidden and easy to put on and take off. Perhaps the best everyday body armor option there is.

Great small but powerful flashlight

Very convenient with a lot of power.

Great product

Level III+ is so light (3.2 lbs each) vs more than 4 lbs for others. Every ounce counts. I did not change it in action and I hope I will never have to but it feels solid

Comfortable fit & easy to wear

Fits under my shirt easily and does not stop movement of my torso.


Great fit.

Express T-Shirt

Great fit. Hardly know your wearing it & it is so light.

Richard Sadler
Great pouches

Sizing is spot on , molly straps fit perfectly to my carrier and pak . Seem all the things I need it to do , and conveniently. Might get a few more Great product

Good product

So far good fit and not too heavy. I drive into Chicago weekly and this gives both my husband and myself enough peace of mind that we aren’t worrying when I am at work.

Great product.

I like the way it fits. It's comfortable all day long even while driving.

Stainless Steel Bullet Shape Thermos Bottle
Keith Gronseth
Great gifts too my parents

My parents are gun enthoiests and I think they love them! I have heard a bad word from them so ur good to go man! Great gifts I feel!

Perfect for what I needed.

I got this armor because I started working armed security in Colorado. At one of the job sites I was informed that the reason I was assigned there was because a disgruntled customer called a bomb threat on their building and had been involved in a gun related incident according to the police report. I ordered and selected the overnight shipping. My armor arrived next day as promised and my first reaction was the light weight box. I thought just the shirt had shipped with no plates. This being my first soft armor vest, I didn’t know the weight difference between my exterior hard plates and concealed soft armor. So I took it out and tried it on. WOW! Great fit and so light. You have to figure out the best way to get it on and off because the new shirt material does not have easy stretch. Which is good in my opinion. I wore the armor for two weeks with usually just a polo shirt over it. Defiantly recommend this armor.

Great carrier

This carry fits better the my older one I had from your company


Use the light every day, great addition to my gear

Advanced Plate Carrier with Cummerbund
Richard Sadler
Very comfortable

This is probably the best I’ve ordered, very nicely done! Would recommend to anyone who has to ware all day

Expert Plate Carrier
Josh Pomponio
Expert plate carrier

Great product an great company one size fit works great I’m 6’3 tall 250 pounds an it adjust to me very well everything can use or removed to what you want or need 👍

Expert Plate Carrier
Keith Gronseth
Love it!!! Great product!

I really like the Velcro ability to adjust it and the double clip in style for adjusting the fit!... Thanks again I couldn't of boughten a better plate carrier for the price!!!plus the padding is SOOOOO comfortable!!!! Thanks again for ur logo I wear it with pride that I'm safe and secure!

Worth the $

It’s not cheap but worth every cent! Fits great and it’s definitely living up to its weight! It’s not bulky at all and very comfortable.

Plate Backers
Roger Haynes
Plate backers

I would really recommend this product its sleek and light weight also it fits right in with my original vest design just know your size

Level IV Ceramic Plate
Dennis Quintero

So far, very impressed with the fit and feel. Functionality of the plate I hope to never test. The plate carrier is very impressive and very comfortable. Have recommended to all my counterparts.

Limited Edition T-Shirt Concealable Carrier
Reid Farrell
Thank you Julian!….

A month after preorder, I sent an email asking for status and eye of carrier…..l recieve delivery an email from Julian the next day saying pre orders took 4-6 was, which was understandable…..received an email the very next day saying my camp carrier had been shipped and was on the way, it arrived one day later….perfect fit, I couldn’t be happier, thanks to Julian, he made it happen…..thank you Julian and BADirect….Happy New Year!…….reid

Advanced Plate Carrier with Cummerbund (No Armor)
Advanced plate carrier

This carrier is great fully adjustable cumberbund and shoulder straps. Molle compatible for all your attachments. This carrier is just as durable and capable as more expensive carrier. It’s cheaper but it’s a great buy

Great Product

I'll come straight to the point this body armor and shirt combo is exactly what I wanted and needed.