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Great Price for a bundle package

I purchased the mid level FREEDOM CONCEALABLE VEST, ALL STAR TACTICAL CARRIER AND VIP T-SHIRT CARRIER. The fit is excellent and very comfortable for both canceled and tactical applications.

Great vest great price

Vest is great quality, exactly as displayed, and was delivered fast! I highly recommend National Body Armor!

All Star Tactical Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA+ Ranger Green



Fits perfectly , well constructed plan to purchase other items soon

1st body armor

This is the first time I have bought body armor. The reason I went with the express t-shirt was the fact that I would be wearing it under normal clothes while on church safety duty. The medium size seems to work well.

Great protection

Fits under my dress shirts and even with my 3-piece suit you cannot tell it's there and it's so comfortable for all day Duty assignments especially in the executive protection field this is important. I love it I will buy again.

The best fit

The fit of this Body armor is great, plenty of adjustments,. No hard buckles, lots of pocket space available, molle is convenient, price to value is affordable for new LEO’s with room to grow.

Think I'll add velkro straps with some double sided gorilla tape.
I guess I should test stab 'em to feel really secure.

Spike Inserts - Clearance
William D Wyatt
Spikes Inserts

The weight is lighter than what I anticipated

very nice, i trust it

I enjoyed the unboxing of this plate and its going to be my main front plate , i trust it to take ak and m4 rounds all day. going Ala cart with padding and anti spalling. its the cheapest way to do it.


The t-shirt carrier is excellent high quality fabric very comfortable and conceals with panels perfectly.
The customer service at national is above any I have ever worked with they answered emails and phone calls immediately and sent extra carriers to help me while the inventory restocked.. thank y’all!!!
Y’all are Rock Solid !!

Rifle Magazine Pouch
William Sidebottom
Magazine holder

Good fit to all my vests and bags

Great product for the times we live in today

Incredibly comfortable!

Incredibly comfortable! For years I wore a Safari land vest that I was very happy with. I retired and did away with all of that and then was rehired and decided I needed the best I could get to wear plain clothes. This is phenomenal! Incredibly comfortable!

trauma pads

Works great in the Express T-Shirt. Doesn't add much bulk.

Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality comfortable, prints more than I like for light colored clothing but not a problem. I strongly recommend this product for all of my employees.

Excellent for my civilian work life.

I work in the ER. Our security guards are awesome! However, they are under equipped. We have a metal detector in the lobby, but the ER is very vulnerable to multiple entry possibilities. The security is unarmed.
After the string of active shooters this year, one of which, included a hospital I decided to order the VIP concealable Tshirt armor. We also had one patient family member show up in our ambulance bay with a handgun. She had it in her pocket and threatened to pull it out. I could see it printing in her jeans. I walked away while security dearth with the situation. Thankfully she did. It pull out the weapon and left peacefully.

All the Bai Fe convinced me that I had to be proactive and get the concealable Tshirt.

The initial carrier’s zipper broke when I removed the armor to clean it after my first week of using it. National Body Armor immediately replaced it free of charge. The service has been excellent.

The T-shirt armor fits underneath my scrub top easily. No one has noticed that I wear it. Occasionally someone pats me on the back and notices I have something on me, but I tell them that I am wearing a back brace, and they don’t think much of it.

I feel very comfortable having some peach of mind. It is not a panacea. It will not stop rifle rounds, but i it will protect me from practically all handgun rounds.

It took me an adjustment to use the armor because of the sweat buildup that occurs with all armor. After reading different forums I wear under armor t shirt that wicks away the sweat. It makes the armor soooo much more comfortable, and I add a dash of baby powder as well to prevent itchiness.

I got a free rifle plate carrier with this product. I am thinking of purchasing the lighted plates and then putting them in my office next to my workstation. The idea would be to throw on this rifle plate armor it an active shooter does enter our ER, and I happen to be in the office.

Thank you to National Body Armor for the VIP Tshirt.

Necessary piece for anyone

Well fitted & comfortable! After the first day of wear it was molded to my body. Very low profile design, worn under the right clothing no one knows it’s there. Very stealth, would recommend highly 👍👍

2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!

It fits correctly and is a good value.

Rifle Magazine Pouch
George Wheeler
Good stuff

Brand new and fast service combined with good folks and WOW prices... It don't get no better!

Express vest

Yep, this is what I wanted. Good Quality. Of course I ordered the wrong size the first time so had 2 return 4 another. I believe it was Dave who walked me thru return process. Fast turn around. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Great fit

This product fits nice and is light plus very concealed. Great product to have. Great for bog guys. I bought the 3XL IIIA+

I received my back pack insert for my sons school book bag. With all the school shooting happening the insert really helps me, my wife, and my son feel safer about returning back to school this year. God willing he never needs it, but incase something happens he has that extra level of protection. I thank you guys for providing that to me. Stay safe and keep training!

Serves the purpose

Just what I was looking for!!!

Good armor !

Well worth the money. Great customer service, very helpful.