Our Express Multi-Threat T-Shirt is the ultimate solution for those who need to stay protected without sacrificing comfort.

Here are 5 reasons why to choose Express T-Shirt for the best of both worlds:

“I like the lightweight comforter and feel of this product. I’m sure this vest will give me the protection I need.”

Steven Vaughan


1. Concealable Protection

The Express T-Shirt is designed to provide concealed protection to the wearer. It is made of lightweight, comfortable materials, US Government certified bullet resistant and can be easily hidden under clothing.

- Jeffrey McCoy

“The lightest multi-threat Express T-shirt with the soft armor is much lighter than I expected and is very flexible and comfortable to wear.”

2. NIJ Certified

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has certified the Express T-Shirt to provide Level IIIA protection against ballistic threats. We also offer Lighter and Lightest in IIIA+ for special threat protection. This means that it can protect the wearer from most handgun rounds and is ideal for use by law enforcement officers, security personnel, and civilians who want added protection.

3. Reviews from Fellow Armor-Wearer

Express T-shirt multi threat with soft armor

“This is the most comfortable and lite T-shirt with armor insert you will find. Its very flexible and easy to forget you’re wearing it. Much better than others I own, again the weight or lack of is a huge selling point for me and after extensive searching National Body Armor came out on top, you wont be disappointed."

- Wally

More better than expected!

"Very thin and comfortable. I was expecting something thicker and harder to conceal. This soft armor has protection for front and back and would be easily concealable under a sweatshirt. You may even be able to conceal it under a little bit looser t-shirt. I am pleasantly surprised."

- Drew

A great vest for great peace of mind!

"From being in law enforcement for some years and wearing the bulky vest! This one is a dream to wear! Light weight and very concealable. With times as they are now, I wear my vest every time I go out of the house with my weapon! People are being shot in Wal-Mart, restaurants, gas stations and many others!!! It is a great peace of mind for me to be wearing it out in town with my wife."

- Clyde Parker

4. Best Fit Guarantee

The Express T-Shirt is designed to fit the wearer’s specific needs. It comes in sizes Small to 5XL and available in black and white colors only and can be customized to fit the wearer’s body type. Additionally, it can be fitted with optional side panels for additional protection. This customization ensures that users get the best possible fit and protection.

5. Durable and Affordable

The Express T-Shirt is made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand wear and tear. It is constructed with reinforced seams and has a moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep the wearer cool and dry. This durability ensures that the T-Shirt will last for years and provide reliable protection. Despite its advanced features, the Express T-Shirt is priced affordably, making it an excellent value for anyone looking for reliable, lightweight body armor.

Keep Yourself Safe Without Compromising Your Comfort

Trust the National Body Armor Express T-Shirt for Lightweight, Breathable Protection